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Ekru Moda

Who we are

Who we are

Who We Are?

In 1994, we entered the sector with our qualified manufacturing and sales activities. Since 2011, we are growing rapidly in the hijab clothing sector with our innovative approach and product quality with Ekrumoda that is our public face in ready-made clothing sector that we are in as a manufacturer and seller with 1 wholesale and 3 retail stores.

In our line we bring together the traditional and the modern, we produce models that are unique, comfortable, suitable for daily use for the young and veiled ladies. We design our products which are suitable to the young people's age and social life. Young people also create our starting point in preferences of fabric and accessories. As Ekrumoda, we are a good and ambitious alternative for young people who don’t have a lot of options in modest clothing, with our unique designs, wide product range and sense of quality.

We are rapidly growing as an innovative, creative, leading platform that breathes new life into modest fashion. Ekrumoda, the architect of fashion who adds value to the clothes, not only elegance, puts a young, dynamic, energetic and modern perspective on the industry.

We started our e-commerce journey on July 1, 2015, crossing the limits of our stores in order that you can reach us anytime and anywhere. We are with you every day with our product range and quality.

Dress well, look well, live well with Ekrumoda.


Ekrumoda, a manufacturer company, also has a wholesale e-commerce site where products are purchased in series. We are a reliable alternative in the wholesale sector for businesses that have store career in the textile sector.


Our Mission

We produce comfortable and quality products that are suitable for daily use, which will suit up for young and veiled women's age and social life. We address the veiled ladies who want to be stylish.


Our Vision

Achieve the goal of becoming a trendsetting brand In Turkey and in the world by increasing our efficiency and productivity in national and international market.

Our Values

We’re different because;

  • Openness, honesty, transparency and reliability are irreplaceable
  • We focus on customer satisfaction.
  • We work with knowledge and make way by taking measures.
  • We take care to do the best with a success team
  • We say, 'The only thing that does not change is the change itself' and we constantly improve ourselves.
  • We support innovation and creative thinking.
  • We lay claims to the work we do.
  • We target a regular, systematic and sustainable structure.

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